Free “Cap & Gown” photos with each senior photo package for the Class of 2013…!

Who says the number “13” is unlucky…? Not the senior class members who have their photos done with Grami Photography this year. We will take your photos in the fall and then see you again in late May or June for an update series…..all at no extra charge….!!!
We have two packages for this graduation year….Package 1 is only $200 and includes (50) 4×6 printed photos, a custom folio album, a high resolution CD with YOUR senior image files, (1) 8×12 and (8) wallets.
Package 2 is $300 and includes (100) 4×6 printed photos, a custom folio album, a high resolution CD with extra files, (1) 8×12 and (24) wallets.
Both packages include free “Cap & Gown” images in May or June.
Make your appointment right now…!!! Call us @ 541 290-0466

Bald eagles soaring across the Coquille River Valley.

Bald eagles soaring across the Coquille River Valley.

After my tenth very close encounter with these amazing birds I think I can safely say there must be a comeback of nesting eagles along the river this season.
After spending about 40 hours quietly observing their favorite areas I am happy to report that my bald eagle photo files are full to the brim. My favorites include their nest building, their baby’s first flight and the bonded-pair of eagles soaring together over the valley skyline.

Ashley and Andy to wed this weekend…!!

Ashley and Andy to wed this weekend...!!

South Beach will be the scenic venue for the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Pastore. The couple will say their “I-do’s” on a scenic overlook facing the reflective-blue waterline. A bevy of prizewinning images are expected as we work with the changing light patterns and this beautiful bride & groom. Check back for more photos….!!!

The coastal sunsets are coming….!!!

Waiting for more gradient sunsets....!!!

Good news ahead photographers…! This may be the start of our summer sunset season here on the South Coast. Admittedly the weatherperson has not come through in June nor July, but from the latest reporting we may be on our way over the next few weeks. Keep your photo-fingers crossed as these colorful gradient horizons soon arrive.

Wedding bells for Ed & Alvena…!

Wedding bells for Ed & Alvena...!

Eddie Jr. is all-about getting his camo-tie properly wrapped around his tiny neck. The youngster was one of 25 children who adorned Ed & Alvena’s wedding-in-the-woods at LaVerne Campsite. The 2-day overnighter was attended by about 100 well-wishers..!!! I have never seen larger rib-eye BBQ than at their reception dinner…!!!

Breaking the record…!!!

Breaking the record...!!!

The engagement session record has just fallen to Cody Waddington and his fiancee Mickie Carter. The talented pair spent a fun-filled 4 hours and 71 mile adventure snapping over-the-top engagement photos for their upcoming wedding in November..!!! Guests will delight when they receive the couple’s photo selection in their announcements.