Hallum’s come to town…!!

Hallum's come to town...!!

Brandon & Jamie Hallum finally returned to their hometown for a family visit and photos. This young couple work in Bakersfield, California and brought their 3 children back to Oregon to see all the relatives.
I still remember doing their wedding on a hot sunny SoCal day seven years ago. Like all Hallum weddings, it was a blast and well-worth the long drive to see everyone super happy and excited on their wedding day.
Brandon, Jamie and the kids returned home with 201 family photos with scenic coastal backgrounds…!!!

What an amazing couple….!!!!!

What an amazing couple....!!!!!

Presenting Anna & Andrew Burgmeier…!!! Family, friends and neighbors were ecstatic with the union of Anna & Andrew. Their marriage was nothing less than spellbinding considering the couple’s love, wedding arrangements and celebration…!!!

Having fun with her bridesmaids…!!!

Having fun with her bridesmaids...!!!

Newlywed bride, Anna Schroeder prepares for a few crazy poses with her amazing bridesmaids Elizabeth, Ashley, Joycie, Cara and Ashley O.
I must commend these stunning ladies on being ready and prepared for their 2000 images i will be post-editing this week.

A romantic summer’s kiss….!!!!

A romantic summer's kiss....!!!!

Andrew Burgmeier & Anna Schroeder celebrate the evening before their wedding with a romantic walk on Sunset Beach. It was just fate that I was there to capture the love and friendship that this couple share..!!!
I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s wedding day…!!!

Heading to Cheer Camp..!!!

Heading to Cheer Camp..!!!

Everyone knows that a little “pre-season” training can’t hurt one’s extracurricular efforts and this week ShaeLee and her teammates are attending Cheer Camp at the University of Oregon campus. Wishing the ladies a safe journey and plenty of exciting new routines..!!!