Another big wedding weekend ahead…!!!

Another big wedding weekend ahead...!!!

After a cross-country wedding in Kansas City last week, this Saturday’s nuptial at the Mill Hotel will be just as exciting as we scurry around photographing Dillon & Kayla’s ever-so-special day. Stay tuned for some prizewinning images and meet this fantastic young couple.

Dinosaurs on the South Coast….!!!

Dinosaurs on the South Coast....!!!

Just south of Port Orford is a congregation of replica-dinosaurs right off Highway 101. Yes, the Prehistoric Gardens has been a favorite stopping place while driving south. I was headed to the Rogue River to photograph migrating salmon and just had to peek over the fence.

A Tight Fit…!!!

A Tight Fit...!!!

The chip-transport, “Taio Rainbow”, just barely cleared the McCullough Bridge in its journey to the Pacific and another international delivery. Local tugboats were positioned strategically along the route to make sure the overside load cleared our port without incident.

Tugs on the Water…!!!

Tugs on the Water...!!!

While photographing an assignment on the bay a few days ago, I noticed a large amount of working watercraft along our scenic portside. When I spotted the local tug, “Coos Bay”, I couldn’t help but take a few snaps of the action.