Back on the Oregon Coast…!!

Back on the Oregon Coast...!!

The trip out to Kansas City was worth every minute….the best of people, fantastic backgrounds and a love story that will last forever. The Bassett wedding was just what I needed to re-energize for the rest of this bridal season.
Even though I enjoyed all 4 days in the Midwest, I did have to get back for photo deliveries and two major surprise assignments. I will be out early tomorrow searching for scenics.

Better than KC BBQ…!!!

Better than KC BBQ...!!!

Taking charge of the first pizza at their rehearsal dinner. Elizabeth & Jared are loving the legendary Waldo’s pie. This standing-room-only diner is THE most famous pizzeria in Kansas. Guests were very hungry following a 2-hour rehearsal at St Anne’s Catholic Church.

My bags are finally packed…!!!!

My bags are finally packed...!!!!

I will be heading out today for an exciting wedding in Kansas City. The marriage of Jared Bassett & Elizabeth Keaveny will surely be an event to be remembered. What makes this wedding special is not the long journey to photograph it, but the love story of this couple and the amazing plans they have for this 3-day celebration. I am sure plenty of stunning images will follow..!!!!

Stealing the show…!!!

Stealing the show...!!!

Bride Jessica Hogan is wondering when her bridesmaids plan to return her satin veil. The bridesmaids were a lively group that kept the poses coming….no matter how crazy they might have been.