Kristin Rocks Shore Acres….!!!!

Kristin Rocks Shore Acres....!!!!

Class of 2013 Senior, Kristin Banta’s photo shoot turned into a modeling session yesterday as the soon-to-be graduate poured on the charm and super-poses. Easily taking 100 perfect images, Kristin will return in May or June for update photos — maybe even bringing her cap & gown.

There Were Smiles Everywhere..!!

There Were Smiles Everywhere..!!

Craig & Taylor Brophy were married this rainy weekend, but it didn’t matter — all the sunshine was inside their North Bend Community Center venue. The couple’s innovative decor and loving reception had tears and cheers from every corner of the glowing building. Congratulations to our couple and their families for a super wedding day…!!

Very Good News…!!!!

Very Good News...!!!!

Stacey & Nick Riley have a new baby boy..!! We photographed little Nolan Jay yesterday in Reedsport. Just 17 days old, these images will last forever as the Riley’s welcome their son into the family. More “NJ” photos will be posted soon.