Tis the Season for Santa on a Harley…

Image 15 Image 14 Image 13 Image 12 Image 11 Image 10 Image 8 Image 7 Image 5 Image 4 Image 3 Image 2 Image 1 ImageDSC_1546The last couple of years I did promo photos of Santa at a few local retirement centers, but tomorrow’s shoot atCoos Bay Toyota will be the best yet way to celebrate the season. I checked out our set tho morning and it’s a winner. I even had a conversation with Santa who reminded me of the starting times of 11am – 1pm. Come one, come all and get the wildest Christmas photo of the season. There isfile://localhost/Users/billgrami/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library.photolibrary/Masters/2013/12/07/20131207-125319/DSC_1546.jpeg no charge for this event…!!!

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