A Walk Down the Aisle…

DSC_3265DSC_3285DSC_3446DSC_3916DSC_3930DSC_4135DSC_4152DSC_4169DSC_4177DSC_5193DSC_5222DSC_5233Image 15Image 18Image 20Image 21Image 22Image 23Image 24Image 25Image 26Image 27Image 28Image 29Image 30Image 32Image 33Image 34Image 35Image 36Image 37Image 38Image 39Image 40Image 44Image 45Image 46Image 47Image 50Image 51Image 52Image 53Image 54Image 55Image 56Image 57Image 58Image 59Image 60Image 61Image 62Image 63ImageImage 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 7Image 8Image 9Image 10Image 11Image 12Image 13The local Bobcat/Red Devil rivalry may end today when Heather Wisely marries her long-time friend Mike Baumer in a scenic country wedding in Coquille.
The wedding was FANTASTIC…!!! Mike’s own wines and potato salad accompanied the best grilled sirloin. The grounds had recently been improved to accommodate guests with a large tent centerpiece.
We may have had too much fun with the photos and venues, but Mike & Heather should plan on at least one thousand super images…!!!

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