Magazine Cover Material…..!!!

DSC_2269 (1)DSC_24518DSC_2086DSC_2120Jenny McGriff could grace the cover of any magazine but yesterday was our big Women’s Running shoot along the shoreline of the South Coast & Mingus Park. Jenny is a busy young woman — working full time, raising a cute family and devoting a few extra hours to running.

Searching for Dinosaurs…!!!

DSC_0652Shooting Caleb’s annual birthday family photos of the grass at Bastendorf Park. The best enhancement turned out to be making this a dinosaur adventure for Little Caleb who has had to put up with my photo antics for the last 4 years. DSC_1440 (1)

Christmas Comes Early….

With just 100 days before Christmas Day I was so fortunate to receive an early gift from famed Bandon artist, Cary Weigand. This talented young lady has her mystical ceramic works inIMG_0320 (1) exclusive galleries across the West and beyond. Originally, from Hawaii this dedicated artist was on the ranch photographing animals for future creations. Best wishes & thank you so much.