First Harvest……

With my first successful harvest, Beaver Hill Organics is finally born. As my real estate tenure winds down in January 2017, this ranch will transform to a full-time farm operation specializing in self sufficiency. The winter months will be spent on constructing more raised beds, water management, compost developmentDSC_0028 DSC_0034 DSC_0037 and solar energy.

Keeping a Watchful Eye…..!!


Keeping an eye on the 62 sheep is Snickers, a miniature Sicilian burro. Not one trespassing coyote is free from the wrath of this reliable guard…..supersonic braying, a sharp bite or kicking of hooves are her specialty.

Morning Discovery…!

DSC_4461The best photo times of the day usually occur around sunrise & sunset. This morning the baby raccoons were out strolling in search of breakfast — fresh blackberries from their favorite patch.