Starting 2017 Out Right….!!!


I can’t wait for this new year to begin. We took our licks this winter, but soon all the efforts will begin to pay off. The Coyote Hound is wearing her new sweater in Charleston. Hopefully she will find a few more coyotes before lambing season begins…!!!

Let the Seeding Begin…..

This week 200 pounds of Coastal pasture seed are being planted in all the pasture improvement areas. The aged-manure piles were spread 6 weeks ago and have hopefully leached some fertilizer into the clay-like soil.331jpg

Take That Blackberries….!!!

771The pastures have been neglected the last two and a half years. This winter, between the storms and flooding, I’m trying to do the impossible — get the pastures producing the best Coquille Valley hay, plus fortify the back lake after two years of drenching rains. The water is essential for irrigation during the summer. The pasture will take countless cubic yards of seasoned manure mix. The sheep herd will definitely be in for a big surprise when they are turned loose in those fields this Spring. In fact, I may never get them to come out..!