Along for the Ride…!!!

Since she arrived on the ranch, Kitty has had a mind of her own. Usually she sleeps in the barn, but the moment the sun appears she heads for the deck and her favorite kibble. Sometimes I spot her laying with the sheep. Other days she’ll take a long walk in the woods. Her only predictable behavior is tractor start-up. ¬†As soon as the cat hears the diesel rumble, she climbs right up — ¬†wanting to hitch a ride. I’m never sure what she’s thinking — maybe it’s more fun than catching mice…..


Another Day of Snow….


It was another day of snow on the Coast and my first thought was how are all the plantings. Well, here’s proof that next year’s garlic and red onion starts are still viable. Still, let’s get back to some warmer weather soon. The hay bill is up and the new pasture is down…!!!