Stepping Off the Farm……!!


This has been my busiest year ever on the ranch, with sheep and the organic produce gardens — yet I couldn’t resist the invitation to grab the Nikons and shoot the perfect family maternity image. Baby June should arrive within the next few weeks and what an amazing family she will come to know. Best wishes Summer & Matt…!!!

First Time in the Pasture…!!


Lambie’s first day in the pasture went very well. She socialized with the herd and started to eat grass for the first time. This little bummer is one of two from this lambing season. With about 33 other lambs, this baby ewe should make the perfect lead sheep because of her ability to recognize simple voice instructions.

Bummer Lamb Season Begins…!


With 22 lambs on the ground, there is only one bummer so far. This cute little ewe lamb was left alone as his mother struggled delivering his twin brother. I found this little lamb wandering the pasture — not making a sound. This little lamb was so chilled she walked without making a distress sound. After two days inside she is making great progress and will make a great lead sheep in a year or so.

Finally Some Sunny Days….!!!

This had to be the toughest winter I can remember in the last 20 years. The rain just did not stop. I spent more time working on water control than improving the pastures and garden bins. More spring images coming……