Love That Pasture….!!!

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than watching the animals tear into fresh pasture. This year, with the extra rain and organic fertilizers the ranch is still producing plenty of natural pasture for these hungry eaters…!!!DSC_5981.jpegDSC_5981.jpeg

Dancing With Antlers…!

I spend at least 3 hours per early morning on coyote patrol just to make sure we don’t lose any new lambs. That task takes me away from tons of other chores that I need to complete. Fortunately, this cloudy morning, my 6 am start paid off — not with coyotes but with a prizewinning image or two.DSC_58312.jpeg<img

Sniffing for Predators…

As of June we are winning the battle against the coyotes. It is taking 5:30 am rising, fast feeding the bummers and then guard duty when the sheep are eating in the lower pastures.

Long Days and Not Enough Sleep….

2017 has to be the toughest farm year ever. Besides a nonstop winter storm repair, between the 87 sheep and organic gardening I’m barely logging 7 hours of sleep. Spare time is so sparse I barely have time to make it through the day. All my writing projects and photography has been curtailed. Survival is the main goal this year.
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