Day 15 of Our Virus Vigil….

Today is ┬áthe fourth day of the official State quarantine. Even so, we have stayed on the ranch the last 2 weeks, – only leaving for essential business. Our food supplies are holding, and life seems fairly normal for me. I can’t say the same for the other three that are bivouacked here. At times, it’s very surreal – watch the suffering on the news feeds, then head outside and the grace of nature surrounds us. Today this rainbow said it all…IMG_0745.jpg

The New Guard Turkey……


Since the Coronavirus lockdown, we have gained 12 turkeys, plus the tom who guards the road 24/7 – except for a quick roost in the tree limbs. These creatures gobble at the sight of a vehicle, predator or someone on-foot. What luck……..

First Sprouts of 2020…..


Our C-virus quarantine supplies will be boosted by these tiny pea seeds that are sprouting in our improvised greenhouse — the front room. This year we are not taking chances with late frost, hungry birds or wind damage. Every seed has to survive….!!!


Day 6 of the C-virus Quarantine…..


It’s no surprise that the Covid19 virus is alive and well in our homestate of Oregon. After 6 days of self-quarantine we are starting our spring planting seeds a bit early this year. We still have been harvesting arugula and kale the last few weeks. Onions, potatoes and asparagus are already in the ground……

Hopefully a Little Drought Backup….


Already being down 11 inches of rain for 2020, it looks like the back lake will have to take us through the long warm summer. The trick will be to keep the pastures green till October if possible. If not, I’ll be looking for some quality hay…..

Playing Hide and Seek….


This little green frog is doing his best to stay concealed, as I scatter seed to thicken the pastures. Always a healthy sign, these frogs are in abundance this year – whether they ┬átry to stay hidden or hop across the path.