Tomfoolery at its Best…….

DSC_1921 (2).jpeg

Another two flocks of turkeys fled the ongoing logging cut across the river – ending up in our back forty. At least two nests have already been spotted, so we should be hosting at least 30 gobblers by early summer……..

The Garden is Still Holding Out….


Even in April, last year’s garden is still producing. Sure, the red onions are small, but the kale, arugula and asparagus keep us eating green. Gone are the yellow squash, purple potatoes and green tomatoes – but with spring starts scattered inside the dining room the 2020 pandemic garden will soon be taking shape.

Experts Predict a NW Mega-drought…

I was not looking forward to another dry summer, so it was a bit alarming to read the drastic prediction in the Capital Press today – Mega-drought…!!! I’m hoping the mild winter will still surprise us with a few more drenching before June, but this week has already been in the 70’s. We’ll definitely need the ponds soon….


Another Sign of the Times….


I had to wear a Covid-mask for the first time yesterday. I needed to resupply a few items for the ranch and left the quarantine zone. Not ready to commit, I reluctantly tugged the mask into my jacket pocket thinking I may be able to avoid putting it on. As I walked into the store, I almost gasped aloud — every patron had a mask or bandana upon their face. Realizing life in my small town had dramatically changed, I followed suit and adjusted the elastic bands over my ears…..



From the Highest Hill…..


Some evenings, the predators are out in force, and the herd is split into two separate pastures making it difficult for the LG’s (livestock guardians) to watch all corners. Last night, I headed to the highest point on the property to let them know – stay in the forest, don’t come out into the pastures.