An Easy Swim to the Lake

Calling all trout, bass and steelhead..! This is the time to swim upstream and head for the lake. The water is clear and the flow is steady. We should know which fish heeded the call later on this spring.

New Year, New Pen…..

One animal moving her quarters this wet winter is Lily. Although she may look cute, she teams up with our attack burro for coyotes at night. Both of them have a love/hate relationship with the predators. They love to spot them, and hate to see them near the sheep. They kept all of the woolies safe in 2020. Hopefully the new year will bring the same sheep security.

A New Year Begins…

So happy to leave 2020 behind…! I was elated to wake up to a new day, and some colorful inspiration – complements of the sunrise. The farm plan for 2021 involves enhancing the property for the new wildlife corridor, but adding a section for row crops and developing the watering capability for some distant sheep pastures. Due to the close proximation of last summer’s fire burn, there will have to be a few trees removed close to the house and barn. Wishing everyone a fantastic 2021….