No Rest Till Dawn….

I just finished this 97,000-word novel during the pandemic. It’s an action thriller from south of the border. For obvious reasons, I can’t say too much about the storyline yet, but the query letters are flying out the door for ” The Sicaria -No Rest Till Dawn”.

Almost a Second Hit….

My second publishing attempt, “Outside the Compound”, took over a year to finish. The storyline was about a team of private contractors working out of Kandahar, Afghanistan during the war. With a bounty on his head, the daring protagonist spearheads this select group countering the Taliban’s recruitment of citizen soldiers. Dare I say more– because just as the ink was drying, word got out and there were threats of legal action. Fortunately, my e-publisher, Ray Hoy, agreed that it was better to pull the book instead of making a goal line stance. I have rewritten the MS and changed person, place and compromising secrets. I’m hoping to pitch this to a lit agent that I have in mind. I think it’s right up her alley.

My First eBook Ever…

“The Forbidden Kill” was my first action adventure novel, exploring the area of Iliamna, Alaska. Back in those days the State was just ramping up the power grid and plans for economic development. We sure didn’t realize what was coming, but the big mining expansion decimated this environmental paradise–grizzlies, salmon, caribou and more. All replaced by the precious metal boom.

I sure wish we knew back then what was coming. Anyway, this eBook was not as prolific as the gold that was discovered right after it was written. I only sold less than 300 copies. I found the file and read a few chapters this weekend. Wow, I sure broke the writing rules back then. It was tough to continue, even though the storyline was a pleasure to read again. I cringe at every mistake, even though the novel was pro-edited.

Even the sheep notice….

In an effort to edit and rewrite, I am spending eight hours each day working the keyboard, instead of the ranch. Even the animals are getting curious about what is going on. Today, a coyote cruised through the lower pasture. I was so engrossed in fine tuning a query letter, that I failed to see my entire herd bunch up and stare toward the house–expecting me to come out and scare the predator off. The guardian donkey was in the barn, staying out of the rain.

Changes Are Coming…

Where do I begin? The last ten years have been fun showcasing my photos and life around the sheep ranch. These days, life is taking another fateful twist. Partially due to the pandemic, I am making a full-time effort to publish the five plus manuscripts I’ve written over the last few years. I’ve never really had time to finish all the editing and marketing of these works. Now, that’s about to change. I’m planning to get on Twitter, so I can stay in contact with agents and publishers. I may also be changing the format of this site, leaning more towards the books that I’m featuring. I will still keep the past images up, and maybe add a few more in the upcoming months. I thank everyone for their interest. The number of visitors to this site has increased threefold from a year ago.