Greetings…! Those of you new to this blogsite have probably noticed that what was originally aimed at my photography business has morphed into a play-by-play of my daily ranch operations. That said, I still can’t help photographing the scenic visuals in this remote, end of the road landscape.

These days, my photography skills have gone full circle – now including drones, cellphones and mirrorless cameras. Even the famed 35mm Nikons are no longer the king of the camera world like they used to be. Through innovation, quality control and a better business model Canon has emerged as the leader of the pack these days. Still, that’s no reason to be sad. I still carry a few Nikons SLR’s, but have relied upon Canon products more and more each year.

I try to shoot my D850 and D7200 every day, concentrating more on landscapes and real estate imagery. instead of community photography. The majority of my days are spent here on this paradise setting along the Southern Oregon Coast. Even if I tried to stop my photo eye still marvels at the scenic wonder and wildlife out here. There’s so much to photograph and so little time.

Needless to say, the cameras are with me everyday. The days I leave them in the truck for safekeeping are the days I miss spectacular images. Just this month alone I have missed two unique prizewinners for trying to keep the camera dry and out of the rainy weather. I missed a four-point buck’s face in the brush, perfectly framed and a pair of bald eagles flying at near ground level. I’m still having nightmares over missing these shots.

Anyway, I’ll leave the original greeting below, to remind me of all those former days. It was a whirlwind of creation, almost intoxicating most of the time. Yes, there was pressure, but most of the time my job was to go out and create. The daily was to drive around the County and find the most dramatic and unique images – then bring them back to share. On the weekend, it was wedding season – the most joyous event of one’s life. I had the privilege to be there and record all the memories. What a job and what an era..!!!

The original posting:

Welcome and thank-you for visiting our blogsite. I’m pretty excited about this upcoming wedding season. It looks like we will be photographing many more love stories all summer long. Unbelievably, last year a new record was passed. Many thanks to all our newlyweds. I just completed my one-thousandth wedding celebration in August. I cannot event count the hundreds of senior photos, nonstop engagements or family sessions that I’ve had the privilege of shooting over the last two decades.

As many clients have probably noticed 2014 has been pretty busy. We have already shot nearly a dozen weddings, photographed Miss Coos County in January, covered the Clambake Jazz Festival the last two years and have completed the Ken Means’ Carousel Calendar for the City of Coquille. That’s a lot of images as we try to capture the life and spirit of our wonderful coastal community. If the next half of 2014 is as fun as the first, this will go down as one of the most exciting years since the millennium. All my best and much appreciation to everyone involved…!!!

If you need to contact me or have any questions please call or e-mail. For mailing wedding deposits my address is Grami Photography, 58953 Old Beaver Hill Rd., Coquille, OR 97423.

My e-mail is billgrami@mac.com or gramiproductions@me.com
My phone is 541 290-0466

Again, thank you for looking over this site and voting Grami Photography the “South Coast’s Favorite” for 2012 & 2013 and many of the previous years. …!!!

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