The Lambs Have Arrived….!!!

Finding the most comfortable place to lay down was all this little lamb wanted. She didn’t even mind that her new found couch wasn’t even her mom. Soon it will be time to shear all these beautiful fleeces once the rain slows.



Interrupting Lunch Hour……

Not too sure if I’m interrupting lunch or the porcupine is interrupting the herd’s favorite pasture. Fortunately, this little creature is smart enough to stroll to the nearest thicket whenever the sheep get too close.


Something Fishy Going On…..

Well, the Coquille Valley salmon habitat improvement project is finally starting up. This fall, the enhancement project and water control was completed just before the winter rains. Time will tell if the salmon fry take to the surrounding streams and tributaries. One thing for sure — they will soon head to the Coquille River and then swim into the Pacific. Pretty cool to have all those fish right next door.



A Country Wedding…..

I have been amiss in posting the last few months. It has been an around-the-clock operation running this ranch through the summer and fall. I did take a day off to photograph my neighbor’s wedding. What a marvelous venue and gathering of family and friends. Great planning Wayne….!!!DSC_2097

Love That Pasture….!!!

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than watching the animals tear into fresh pasture. This year, with the extra rain and organic fertilizers the ranch is still producing plenty of natural pasture for these hungry eaters…!!!DSC_5981.jpegDSC_5981.jpeg