It’s Been Over a Year…

It’s been a year since taking wedding photos, but Jake & Destiny’s wedding day was pure fun and the prizewinners stacked easily on the media cards. Surrounded by great friends and family their wedding book was so easy to create. Warm wishes to Coquille’s most recent couple — many years of love and friendship.


Seeding the Latest Crop…


Finally, the bogs are back….not with cranberries, but with sheep pasture. I just gained 8 acres of super pasture, which should hold through the end of the summer. This has been a super get-it-done few months. I can finally see some REAL progress on the ranch and can’t wait for the “birdsfoot” crop to produce in the fall.

A Break From Coyote Hunting


Travis is the hardest working coyote hunter I’ve ever had on the ranch. He sleeps in the woods, hikes up and down the hills – no ATV, sets up to 22 traps in one day…..but can’t resist a lake full of bass and cutthroat trout.

A New BFL Ram….


Yes, BFL ram, Grayson, has company with the addition of a new Bluefaced Leicester – Willie. Hmmm, I’d change his name, but he comes prancing to this name and is super smart. No use confusing him. Willie’s mom is a blue-ribbon winner, so I’m expecting super lambs when the day arrives…..

Searching for the Lobsters….


A welcome break from these dry hot summers is to get lost under the forest canopy and pick a few pounds of lobster mushrooms. These beauties love the dryness, and stick out like a sore thumb. Their best quality is taste….so mushrooms on everything..!!

Stealing a Catfish or Two…..!!!

Almost everyone loves fish — and this blue heron has eaten quite a few the last few weeks. While the sheep graze in the back pastures nature and all the wildlife press on.

I haven’t posted the last few months while I worked hard on this ranch and searched for a little more inspiration. Not finding any, I was going to cancel this site for a year or so, but as I observed the viewer stats over the last 90 days– wow, many folks are coming here and gazing through the many photos. Hmmm, I guess that may be all the inspiration I need for now…

DSC_2732 (1)