Tribute to My Neighbor and Friend….


Three weeks ago, my good friend and neighbor, Wayne Van Burger, left this Earth. Fortunately, he died walking the back trails of his coveted Beaver Hill Ranch. A few months earlier, Wayne had returned from a 3-week photo-safari to Tanzania. During that trip, he captured thousands of spellbinding images. Dawn-to-dusk, Wayne pushed his creativity and endurance — bringing back prizewinners and heartfelt stories.

We are all going to miss Wayne Van Burger. In the multimedia business, Wayne was an icon with his television show – “The Joy of Fishing”, not to mention all the accolades he received across the globe for his wildlife photography. This man was more than a nature photographer, Wayne was a true artist extraordinaire.

Looking to the Future…..


I guess we start them young here on the ranch. Actually, it’s my grandson visiting last weekend and learning about all the farm animals. Maybe one day, I will get a hand out here caring for all the 100, or so, farm animals…..

Sheared and Smiling for 2020….


It’s been pretty busy around here with shearing, pasture management and the mega-garden. The Quarantine is almost old news now, but some locals remain wary. Personally, I think the worst is behind us, and it’s time to get the fleeces sold and on to regular schedules. The truth is I’m feeling pretty fortunate that we haven’t had to contend with virus fatalities, late night protesting and destructive riots.

Tomfoolery at its Best…….

DSC_1921 (2).jpeg

Another two flocks of turkeys fled the ongoing logging cut across the river – ending up in our back forty. At least two nests have already been spotted, so we should be hosting at least 30 gobblers by early summer……..

The Garden is Still Holding Out….


Even in April, last year’s garden is still producing. Sure, the red onions are small, but the kale, arugula and asparagus keep us eating green. Gone are the yellow squash, purple potatoes and green tomatoes – but with spring starts scattered inside the dining room the 2020 pandemic garden will soon be taking shape.