Love Those Game Cameras…

The signs were there, but it took a well-placed game-camera to confirm this trio of berry-eaters on the ranch. Taking a nocturnal stroll and dinner around 4:00 am, they were probably hidden and soundly sleeping by sunrise.

Summer Shear-Styles…

Yes, the summer shearing is almost done. The first thirty fleeces are sold and being processed at the woolen mill. The next wave of shearing woolies will commence next week. This summer has been super busy….ranch work, finding houses and trying to write my thousand words a day. A multigenerational anthology is in the works. Hopefully, the lit agents will pick this manuscript up before I start contemplating self-publishing.

Doing a Few Errands….

My latest novel, “Three Emmys for a Dollar” is being sent out to literary agents this week. I am hoping for some positive energy soon. In the meantime, this ranch won’t take care of itself so the tractor is in high gear weeding, seeding and mowing the pastures. With a little luck, I’ll be back at the writer’s desk shortly. The latest project, “Destined for Struggle”, is off to a great start with 10K words already written.

No Rest Till Dawn….

I just finished this 97,000-word novel during the pandemic. It’s an action thriller from south of the border. For obvious reasons, I can’t say too much about the storyline yet, but the query letters are flying out the door for ” The Sicaria -No Rest Till Dawn”.

Almost a Second Hit….

My second publishing attempt, “Outside the Compound”, took over a year to finish. The storyline was about a team of private contractors working out of Kandahar, Afghanistan during the war. With a bounty on his head, the daring protagonist spearheads this select group countering the Taliban’s recruitment of citizen soldiers. Dare I say more– because just as the ink was drying, word got out and there were threats of legal action. Fortunately, my e-publisher, Ray Hoy, agreed that it was better to pull the book instead of making a goal line stance. I have rewritten the MS and changed person, place and compromising secrets. I’m hoping to pitch this to a lit agent that I have in mind. I think it’s right up her alley.