Leaving the Farm Today..


I took a day off from my usual ranch chores to assist a young blogger begin his venture in the creative toy business. Yes, Lego Logan will get his wish this year — with a blog and possible YouTube series. Good luck young LL…!!!


Nearly a dozen…….

This is the season for mountain quail, but little did I know they’d build their nests in the middle of a bull thistle patch. I guess we’ll have to live with the weeds for a few more weeks…..


New Irrigation Starting….

Trying to keep this ranch Oregon-green is pretty easy, except the last 2 months of a hot summer. There’s plenty of water around here, but the problem is getting it into the drying fields. Hopefully, Phase 1 of this summer’s “pump and pipe redesign”¬†will be completed by the end of July.


Bigger bales, smaller dog….!!!

The latest rage is timothy hay – an old heirloom feed around these parts. This week we loaded up with timothy, and local clover/rye hay. The goal is to have all the barns full by the third cutting. Each one of these timothy bales weighs 1200 pounds. All livestock seem to really like this beautiful feed.


Digging In…!!


The new hay storage barns have started springing up in the back pastures — no more scrapping for winter hay. Next week, at least 500 bales will be stored in these new storage barns. Plenty of prime Oregon hay means 78 happy sheep…!!!

That’s Not a Coyote…!

My coyote-hunting pooch jumped off the ATV to check out a rather interesting creature crossing the road. No coyote, just another addition to this summer’s wildlife collection. The bears should be the next visitors……..