Farm & Fotos This Summer…!!!!

Our summer wedding season is fast approaching and time will become very precious in just a few days. Anyone needing to contact me — I will either be at the farm or photographing until September 30th. The best number is always 541 290-0466 or my 24/7 Nikon-in-hand hotline —

Please remember I have to turn the iPhone off once a wedding starts and I usually recharge after 11 pm.
I’ve included a few images of the farm to inspire me to keep up with my duties here instead of concentrating on all of the fun with the photos.

PS….. foto is a word, spelled correctly, but it’s Spanish;12233 2







Image 2

Image 3

Image 5

Image 6

DSC_32910 (2) in Spanish

Back on the Oregon Coast…!!

Back on the Oregon Coast...!!

The trip out to Kansas City was worth every minute….the best of people, fantastic backgrounds and a love story that will last forever. The Bassett wedding was just what I needed to re-energize for the rest of this bridal season.
Even though I enjoyed all 4 days in the Midwest, I did have to get back for photo deliveries and two major surprise assignments. I will be out early tomorrow searching for scenics.